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Pinelands Preservation Alliance (PPA)

The mission of PPA is "to protect and preserve the resources of the New Jersey Pinelands." It was created in 1989 to act as a watchdog over the Pinelands Commission, the agency charged with implementing the Pinelands Comprehensive Management Plan, and to educate the public about the Pine Barrens. It is the only private non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the resources of the New Jersey Pinelands. PPA provides numerous programs throughout the year that promote the wonders of the Pine Barrens. We encourage you to visit their new website and learn more about this important organization and their valuable programs.




Forest Resource Education Center - FREC

Forest Resource Education Center (FREC) is located in Jackson Township in northern Ocean County. The FREC includes the Interpretive Center and the New Jersey State Forest Nursery. The FREC strives to teach and practice forest stewardship - managing New Jersey's forest resources so that we have healthy trees and forests, clean air and water, and places to learn and enjoy the outdoors. Terry O'Leary, a tireless supporter of environmental education and the education coordinator and resource interpretive specialist at FREC, is featured - along with the FREC - in our book "People of the Pines".


Terry O'Leary at the FREC

Albert Music Hall

Albert Music Hall is featured in our book "People of the Pines" and the DVD, People of the PInes the DVD. The Music Hall is a Pine Barrens original experience that you just don't want to miss.

Below please enjoy our favorite song about the Pine Barrens, "Sugar Sand Road" ( Jim Sweet 2000, all rights reserved). It was written by Jim Sweet and is sung by Jim and Carol Ann Sweet and the Sugar Sand Ramblers. The Sugar Sand Ramblers were a crowd favorite at the Music Hall for many years. Sadly, they disbanded after Carol Ann's untimely death in 2007.

The song is one of the songs featured on our DVD, People of the Pines the DVD. It is a haunting reminder of the fragility of this treasured land.




Sugar Sand Rambers


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